1.  Will the QIC-AG study the cost savings associated with moving children in care to permanent homes?

This is not really in the scope of the project. We will be conducting a cost evaluation in an effort to better understand the costs of delivering specific services to each site and to integrate this analysis with program outcomes and impact to maximize program effectiveness and benefits.

2.   Will QIC-AG pre-permanency services target all types of caregiver groups (kin, non kin, foster parents, adoptive parents, etc.) or with the target group be limited?

Yes, we will be targeting all types of caregiver groups as part of this project.

3.  Will the QIC-AG include families who have adopted internationally or through private domestic arrangement?

Yes, children who have been adopted internationally or through private domestic arrangements are part of the target population for post permanency services and supports.

4.  Are sites with more robust continuum of services more desirable candidates for collaboration with the QIC-AG than sites that do not have a robust continuum of services?

Although we will be assessing a site’s continuum of services during the assessment phase and will be considering this in site selection, we intend to work with sites that vary in their sophistication associated with this continuum.

5.  Will the QIC-AG collaborate with the other CB grantees who are working with the same population?

We feel it is important to work with the other grantees that are working with the same target populations. We will be reaching out to all of these awardees as we move forward.