Attachment, Self-Regulation and Competency (ARC)

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Program/Intervention Name

Attachment, Self-Regulation and Competency (ARC)


Attachment Interventions, Child Welfare Practice and Service Models, Trauma Treatment

Program/Intervention Description

ARC is a framework for intervention with youth and families who have experienced multiple and/or prolonged traumatic stress. ARC identifies three core domains that are frequently impacted among traumatized youth, and which are relevant to future resiliency. ARC provides a theoretical framework, core principles of intervention, and a guiding structure for providers working with these children and their caregivers, while recognizing that a one-size-model does not fit all. ARC is designed for youth from early childhood to adolescence and their caregivers or caregiving systems.

Intervention Target Population Identified (Age Group)

0-5, 6-12, 13-17

Program Goals/Outcomes

1. Providing treatment center staff with the knowledge and skills to incorporate standardized assessments into the intake and ongoing treatment process. 2. Providing a treatment model that is directed by the uniqueness of the child and his or her family. 3. Providing guidelines for clinicians to make decisions regarding trauma treatment strategies based upon the child's unique presentation

QIC Target Group

General - 3

QIC Adoption/Guardianship Relevance Levels

LEVEL 6: General Population

QIC level of Evidence

LEVEL 5: Better Practice

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Contact Person/Purveyor

Margaret Blaustein, Ph.D.


The Trauma Center at JRI

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(617) 232 - 1303

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