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Circle of Security


Attachment Interventions, Trauma Treatment

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What: Relational work with parents of children with disrupted relationships resulting from complex trauma, attachment issues, maltreatment. Goal is to help parents understand child's attachment needs and cues. Trained therapists work only with parents of children with attachment difficulties due to developmental issues, reactive attachment disorder, maltreatment, disrupted relationships and complex trauma. Building parents skills in observing cues that stem from trauma history and responding in a security promoting manner increasing secure attachment. How: Services are conducted once per week for a period of 90 minutes for 8 weeks in the home, residential center, community agency, or outpatient clinic. Circle of Security content covers eight chapters using a manual for the provider, handouts for the parents, and a DVD that explains and shows examples of all concepts presented. The facilitator stops at designated moments and asks reflective questions to participants.

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Program Goals/Outcomes

Skill building to help parents connect how child's attachment and trauma and developmental history is impacting behavior and relationship. Overall goal is to increase secure attachment of child to parent; improve parents ability to read child's cues; increase parents empathy for child; increase parents ability to regulate their emotions; improve parents ability to pause, reflect and react in a secure-promoting manner.

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General - 3

QIC Adoption/Guardianship Relevance Levels

LEVEL 5: Other Human Services

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LEVEL 4: Promising Practice

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Mary Anderson


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(434) 984-2722

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