Pressley Ridge Treatment Foster Care Program (PR-TFC)

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Program/Intervention Name

Pressley Ridge Treatment Foster Care Program (PR-TFC)


Child Welfare Practice and Service Models, Family Functioning, Family Support and Placement Stabilization Programs, Independent living and career readiness, Peer associations/relationships, Resource Parent Training Programs, Social/emotional functioning

Program/Intervention Description

The PR-TFC program is a program designed to provide intensive, effective, and short-term treatment to youth with emotional and behavior problems in a home environment with the foster parent as the primary agent of change. The model uses treatment foster parents who are given advanced clinical and technical training and support in order to best serve the youth placed in their home.

Intervention Target Population Identified (Age Group)

6-12, 13-17

Program Goals/Outcomes

Assist the youth to obtain permanency primarily by returning the youth to his/her family of origin, assist the youth in developing effective skills for living (communication, conflict resolution, coping skills, peer relationships, etc.), assist the youth in managing his/her life in the present and future (preparing for independent living, managing daily stressors, etc.), assist the youth in making positive changes towards his/her targeted goals.

QIC Target Group

Pre -Target 1

QIC Adoption/Guardianship Relevance Levels

LEVEL 4: Foster Care

QIC level of Evidence

LEVEL 4: Promising Practice

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Contact Person/Purveyor

Annette C. Trunzo, PhD


Pressley Ridge

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Contact Phone

(412) 872-9458

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