QIC-AG Permanency Continuum Framework: MAINTENANCE

When children and families have invested time and energy to address critical issues, it is important that the system actively supports their efforts by working with families to ensure the improvements are maintained. This is particularly relevant for children and families who have received indicated or intensive services because they may need continued system supports to ensure their progress is sustained. Maintenance efforts aim to improve family stability and increase well-being for those who either experienced discontinuity or were at serious risk for experiencing discontinuity. Examples of maintenance efforts include ongoing monitoring and services to help families understand the factors that contribute to discontinuity so that crises and discontinuity can be prevented.

Capacity building elements occur in both pre- and post-permanency areas on the continuum. The QIC-AG will work with sites in the areas identified as capacity building (stage setting, preparation, and maintenance), to provide an array of supports and services. Staff from the QIC-AG will provide assistance with identifying promising and evidence-informed practices in these areas. However, the capacity building areas will not be the focus of the implementation or the evaluation.

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