The National Quality Improvement Center for Adoption and Guardianship Support and Preservation (QIC-AG) is a five-year project working with eight sites that will implement evidence-based interventions or develop and test promising practices which if proven effective can be replicated or adapted in other child welfare jurisdictions. Effective interventions are expected to achieve long-term, stable permanence in adoptive and guardianship homes for waiting children as well as children and families after adoption or guardianship has been finalized.

News and Events

QIC-AG Looking to Partner with New Sites

The QIC-AG is extending our work through September 2021.  We are looking to partner with counties, states, territories and tribal nations this Fiscal Year. When partnering with the QIC-AG, sites receive technical assistance, resources and financial assistance to build better support for adoptive and guardianship families.  Click here to learn more.

And hear from QIC-AG’s latest partners, April Edwards and Julie Hoffman.

To hear from Julie Hoffman, Administrator, Adoption Services NDDHS, click here.

Posted 12-4-20

Insights into Post-Adoption Service Programs for Private and Intercountry Adoptions from the QIC-AG

While post-adoption services have been shown as important in family well-being and health, little research has assessed the effectiveness of these services for families who adopt children through intercountry or private domestic adoption. This new paper draws upon unique approaches from several of the QIC-AG interventions and highlights the importance of ensuring availability and access to services and supports for families that adopt via the intercountry or private domestic process.

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Posted 08-18-20

Prioritizing and Planning Parent Outreach for Adoptive and Guardianship Families: QIC-tips For Success

This new paper focuses on Parent Outreach, an essential element of implementation that can sometimes be overlooked.  The QIC-AG brings together insight, lessons learned, and “QIC-tips” collected and compiled as teams in the eight partner sites worked to support adoptive and guardianship families.

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Posted 08-17-20

Implementation Manuals

The QIC-AG has released comprehensive Implementation Manuals for each of the seven interventions.  The manuals provide detailed information for child welfare and a roadmap and structured process to 1) determine if an intervention is the “right” intervention for your site and 2) implement the intervention with integrity.  Click the links below for each manual.

Posted 07-04-20

Powerful Videos from QIC-AG

The Partner Site Videos chronicle the sites implementation journey and highlight the personal impact of providing the intervention to children and families.

Annual Lessons Learned

Site Intervention Profiles: Lessons Learned

Over the last five years, the QIC-AG’s eight partner sites have ascertained a number of valuable insights about quality implementation of services to increase pre and post permanency stability for families. We are excited to share these insights with all of you!

Posted 06-28-19

Ask About Series

The QIC-AG’s “Ask About Series” offers valuable and practical information about adoption and guardianship geared toward professionals that support families.  Click the links below to access facts sheet and videos.

QIC-AG Podcast

Updated 7-27-20