The QIC-AG has authored several papers focused on various aspects of the work to improve adoption and guardianship preservation and support.

Intercountry Private Domestic Paper

National Quality Improvement Center for Adoption and Guardianship Support and Preservation: Insights into Post-Adoption Service Programs for Private and Intercountry Adoptions

Parent Outreach Paper

In addition to valuable programming insights from the interventions supporting adoptive and guardianship families in the eight partner sites, the QIC-AG learned essential and practical lessons about parent outreach; an element of implementation that can sometimes be overlooked. To be effective, parent outreach typically requires a deliberate, multi-faceted approach that includes; crafting a poignant message for the target audience, determining who is best to deliver the message, ensuring cultural appropriateness and authenticity, as well as clearly determining when and how the messages and information will be delivered. As a result of their collective work, the QIC-AG teams learned prioritizing and planning for parent outreach is a key ingredient to ensure the most helpful/best intervention is delivered to the intended target population.

Center Structure Paper

The QIC-AG Center Structure Paper focuses on the many lessons about form and function that were learned during the lifecycle of this project. This paper is designed to share those findings and to provide guidance to entities that would like to establish a QIC or QIC-like entity.