To better support today’s adoption and guardianship families, it is important to understand service availability as well as service delivery systems that attend to these families.  The QIC-AG developed an assessment tool that can be used to help sites consider key factors when determining the need for change.  Check out the webinar and materials below to learn more about this tool and how it can be used to help better understand the strengths and limitations of your system and inform transformation.


On April 21, 2021 Project Director Leslie Cohen, Site Consultant Stephanie Hodge Wolfe, and North Dakota Administrator of Adoption Services and QIC-AG site champion, Julie Hoffman hosted a webinar all about the QIC-AG’s continuum assessment tool and process.

You can watch below and view the slides here


Here is more information about the QIC-AG Assessment Process and the tools you can use to assess your system.  To learn more about the QIC-AG Assessment Process and how we adapted the AdoptUSKids Assessment tool, click here.

Assessment Summary

Read this quick summary to learn more about the QIC-AG Continuum Assessment.

Assessment Tool

This is the tool the QIC-AG sites have used to help consider organizational structure and service delivery system that impact target populations.  Now you can use it too!

Element 3 Workbook

This tool was originally designed by AdoptUSKids to help child welfare system administrators strengthen support services for foster, adoptive, and kinship families through a process of assessing the existing service array for both quality and accessibility.