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The work of the QIC-AG has been featured in several articles, please have a look.

QIC-AG Assessment Approach featured on AdoptUSKids

To learn more about the QIC-AG Assessment Approach read this article featured on AdoptUSKids.

Click here to view the article.

Posted 05-3-21

QIC-AG Featured in AdopTalk

Check out the latest article featuring the QIC-AG from NACAC’s AdopTalk

Posted 01-27-20

Check Out This Article

The Chronicle of Social Change featured an article distilling QIC-AG lessons learned. Click here to view the article.

NACAC has published an in-depth article on the work of the QIC-AG

Click here to view the National Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC) article featuring QIC-AG.

Posted 11-28-18.

Read about the work of the QIC-AG in the Journal of Evidence-Informed Social Work article!

Click here to read “Implementation science and prevention in action: Application in a post-permanency world”. The article describes how the QIC-AG applied implementation science and intervention research to guide the process of selecting and implementing an evidence-informed intervention – Tuning in to Teens; TINT – in New Jersey.

Posted 11-9-18.

Check it out!

The Chronicle of Social Change is running a series of articles that highlight the interventions being implemented in eight sites. So far, an overview of the QIC-AG as well as profiles of Texas and The Winnebago Tribe have all been featured. Stay tuned to the QIC-AG website and Chronicle of Social Change for more articles.

  1. Profiles in Permanence: What’s Being Done to Improve Adoptions and Guardianships
  2. Profiles in Permanence: Family Group Decision Making with the Winnebago Tribe
  3. Profiles in Permanence: Texas Preparing Guardians
  4. Profiles in Permanence: Surveying Adoptive Families and Guardians in Vermont
  5. Profiles in Permanence: Tuning into Teens in New Jersey
  6. Profiles in Permanency: Stabilizing Adoptions and Guardianships
  7. Profiles in Permanency: Enhanced Case Management for At-Risk Adoptions
  8. Profiles in Permanency: Reach for Success in Cawtaba County
  9. Profiles in Permanency: Improving Stress Response for Adoptive Parents

Posted 03-6-19.