Adolescent-Focused Family Behavior Therapy (Adolescent FBT) AKA Family Behavior Therapy

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Program/Intervention Name

Adolescent-Focused Family Behavior Therapy (Adolescent FBT) AKA Family Behavior Therapy


Alcohol and drug use, Child Mental Health - externalizing, Social/emotional functioning, Child Mental Health - internalizing

Program/Intervention Description

What: Family Behavior Therapy (FBT) for adolescents is a comprehensive outpatient behavioral treatment that has, in controlled clinical trials, reduced drug and alcohol use, depression, family discord, school and work non-attendance, and conduct problems. 1. FBT includes a menu of intervention components, including (1)standardized agendas and meeting conclusions, 2) significant other supported contracting procedures to establish an environment that encourages positive reinforcement for performance of treatment goals, (3) implementation of skill-based interventions, (4) skills training to generate solutions through problem-solving, (5) relationship and communication skills to develop positive relationships and (6) job getting skills training. How: Treatment is typically conducted in an outpatient clinic by a trained mental health professional. It tarts with 1- to 2-hour initial outpatient once or twice in the first week then it varies depending on multiple factors that are determined between the client, client's family, and treatment provider (e.g., population, setting, intensity of treatment plan, effort). Recommended duration is typically 6 months to 1 year, but varies depending on multiple factors.

Intervention Target Population Identified (Age Group)


Program Goals/Outcomes

Increased positive perception of child, Increase avoidance of alcohol and drug use, Optimize mood and mental strength and stability, Optimize conduct, Optimize family functioning, Increase the number of days in school/work

QIC Target Group

General - 3

QIC Adoption/Guardianship Relevance Levels

LEVEL 6: General Population

QIC level of Evidence

LEVEL 2: Supported by Research

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Brad Donohue, PhD


University of Nevada, Las Vegas -Department of Psychology

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