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ADOPTS therapy


Attachment Interventions, Parenting Skills - Training and Enhancement, Social/emotional functioning, Trauma Treatment

Program/Intervention Description

What: Trauma-informed therapy for adopted youth and their families. A structured therapeutic model to help trauma-exposed children with regulation and parents understand the impact of trauma. ADOPTS is a specialized therapy program designed to Address the Distress of Posttraumatic Stress in the lives of traumatized children. The traumatic event can be experiences such as a chronic neglect, physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, multiple disruptions in attachment, parental substance abuse or mental illness, traumatic loss, or witnessing violence. ADOPTS is based on the ARC model which addresses the assessment and treatment of three key area impacted by trauma: attachment, self regulation, and competencies. How: Weekly sessions include a variety of activities, play therapy, and psycho-educational groups. Children eligible for ADOPTS can be living in either pre-adoptive or adoptive homes. Program serves children ages 4-18 There are two different ADOPTS model based on age. Both models require parent involvement and there is pre and post testing done within each model in order to measure the child’s trauma-related symptoms and levels of parental stress over the course of treatment.
The first model – ADOPTSSM Structured – is for children aged 8-18. This model focuses on strengthening attachment, feelings identification and expression/regulation, and competencies (e.g. social skills, self esteem, and communication). For 4-8, uses a sensory and developmental approach to address the same core areas.

Intervention Target Population Identified (Age Group)

0-5, 6-12, 13-17

Program Goals/Outcomes

Increase capacity to form healthy attachments; Understand the impact of past trauma; Develop healthy expressions of emotions. Help families acquire the tools necessary to develop healthy coping skills.

QIC Target Group

Post - Target 2

QIC Adoption/Guardianship Relevance Levels

LEVEL 1: Designed for Adoption or Guardianship

QIC level of Evidence

LEVEL 5: Better Practice

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Rebecca Rozema LMSW, ACSW


Bethany Christian Services

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