Kinship Center-Wraparound

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Program/Intervention Name

Kinship Center-Wraparound


Child Supports and community connections, Child Welfare Practice and Service Models, Crisis Intervention, Family Functioning, Family Support and Placement Stabilization Programs, Pre and Post Adoption Program

Program/Intervention Description

Kinship Center offers intensive Wraparound services to children and youth at risk of placement in a high-level group home, and to their families. The Wraparound programs are strength-based, family-driven, flexible and creative. A family team consists of family members, other community members who have an important role in the family, and Kinship Center's facilitators or care coordinators, parent partners, and family assistants or youth partners. Specialized Adoption / Permanency Wraparound services are for families who are or have adopted children from the foster care system as well as relative caregivers and legal guardians.

Intervention Target Population Identified (Age Group)

0-5, 6-12, 13-17, Parent/Adult

Program Goals/Outcomes

Helping the family develop the skills and supports to prevent or reduce the possibility of residential placement of their child

QIC Target Group

Post - Target 2

QIC Adoption/Guardianship Relevance Levels

LEVEL 1: Designed for Adoption or Guardianship

QIC level of Evidence

LEVEL 5: Better Practice

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Contact Person/Purveyor

None given


Kinship Center/Seneca Family of Agencies

Contact Email

Contact Phone

In Santa Clara and Other CA. counties- 408-554-2550 In Orange County and Santa Ana counties- 714-881-8600

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